150 PLN
Denis Derkach / DenDer Orchestra
06 października 2023

Denis Derkach / DenDer Orchestra

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150 PLN

Sala Koncertowa Fryderyk
Podwale 15, 00-252 Warszawa, Poland

O wydarzeniu

Denis Derkach / DenDer Orchestra in Warsaw

On September 8, 2023, in the Fryderyk Concert Hall in Warsaw, Denis Derkach will give a concert by the Ukrainian composer and creator of the DenDer Orchestra project.

Ukrainian composer in Poland.

Denis Derkach, embodies his musical magic on stage, giving the world unparalleled sounds. Denis Derkach is a Ukrainian composer who has been delighting the world with his emotional and romantic compositions for over 10 years. His music penetrates deep into hearts, awakening forgotten emotions.

Come to this unique concert in Warsaw and immerse yourself in the world of Denis Derkach's music. It will be an unforgettable exciting event full of deep emotions. Buy tickets on our website or at city ticket offices. Find more events in Warsaw on our website.

Songs by Denis Derkach:

  • Symphony of Ukraine

  • What a Wonderful Tango

  • For Ellin

  • Promenade

  • Cat'z Waltz

  • Missing you