60-120 PLN
Circus on the water WATERLAND
16 - 19 November

Circus on the water WATERLAND

60-120 PLN

Zabrze, aleja Korfantego, 18 (obok Aquarius Kopernik)
Zabrze, aleja Korfantego, 18 (obok Aquarius Kopernik)

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The duration of the event — 120 minutes.

About the show

A magical circus on water in Zabrze

From November 16 to 19 you have the opportunity to visit an extraordinary event - Waterland Circus. This exciting show is prepared for you underwater, on water, on land and in the air, and guarantees that your free time will be unforgettable! You will see challenging and exciting performances of various circus genres performed by skilled artists. Everything will be clear - costumes, tricks, effects and, of course, performances. Modern equipment will complement the performances: a pool with 120 tons of water, illuminated fountains, hundreds of light and sound effects using the latest technology. Don't miss this water explosion of excitement and magic!

Waterland returns to Poland with a water show!

The circus arena will be transformed into a magical water world, it will be overwhelmed by dozens of fountains and lift tons of water, creating fabulous waterfalls that will immerse you in an amazing atmosphere. In this fantastic world you will meet magical mermaids, funny clowns and even cheeky pirates. So, gather the whole family and have a great time together by purchasing tickets on our website or at the city ticket office. Find more events in Zabrze on our website. See you there!

* Admission is free for children under 3 years old.

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