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14 November 2022


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199 PLN

Fort Wola 22, 01-258 Warszawa

About the show

ONUKA – Ukrainianelectro-folk group, symbiosis of modern pop music, traditional Ukrainian folk and electronics.

This is the history of the meeting of two talents, who began to step through the life together. Yevhen Filatov (the Maneken), one of the most successful sound producers of Ukraine, cares with modern sound of the project, while Nata Zhyzhchenko, an ex-soloist of groups Tomato Jaws і Kooqla, is the face and soul of ONUKA.

Together they managed to reproduce the variety of Ukrainian inheritance, in combination with modern electronic music and the live sounding of traditional folk instruments of Ukraine.

ONUKA – it is an important family history of Nata Zhizhchenko, granddaughter and heiress of the famous Ukrainian master of folk instruments Alexander Shlionchik.The grandfather gave the little Nati his own handmade sopilka, which will become a guide in the life of a young girl and later will determine the main meaning and sounding of her music.

From the first days of a full-scale invasion, and until now ONUKA remains and continues to create in Ukraine. Like thousands of Ukrainians, the group draws attention to the war, collects funds to restore destroyed home and support humanitarian programs in the country.

Nata Zhyzhchenko is an ambaassor of the charitу fund "This is my city", which deals with support the community of the ancient Ukrainian city of Chernihiv - native to the singer. That is why some of the funds from each concert will be directed on restoration of the homes and needs of the residents of Chernihiv.

Reference to the fund "This is my city":

https://tse-moe-misto.com/ — Ukrainian;

https://tse-moe-misto.com/en/ — English.