60-120 PLN
Circus on the water Waterland
12 - 15 October

Circus on the water Waterland

60-120 PLN

Płac ul Witosa (przy CWKS Resovia)
Rzeszów, Płac ul Witosa (przy CWKS Resovia)

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The duration of the event — 120 minutes.

About the show

Waterland in Rzeszow

On October 12, 13, 14, and 15, Rzeszow will host a series of performances by the Waterland circus on water. This event is filled with joy and vivid emotions, it will surprise you and will be etched in your memory. 

“Waterland” is a unique opportunity to relax with family and friends, regardless of age. We guarantee unforgettable moments of our water show, which is designed for all generations.

A water show for the whole family in Poland.

Circus on the water “Waterland” is going on a tour of Polish cities, with unusual performances in Krakow, Rzeszow, Lublin, Chorzów and Zabrze.

What is waiting for you? An arena filled with water, beautiful fountains, breathtaking light and sound effects, and, of course, incredible performances in various circus arts. Among all this, you will see performances by real masters of their craft, skillful acrobats, extraordinary contortionists, positive clowns and other artists. The event will last for 2 hours.

Come, be amazed, laugh and just have a good time at Waterland, tickets are available on our website or at the city's box office. More events in Rzeszow are waiting for you on our website.

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Płac ul Witosa (przy CWKS Resovia)