199-600 PLN
13 December


199-600 PLN

Łąkowa 29, Lodz, Poland

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About the show

Artem Pivovarov in Lodz.

On December 13, attend a concert of the famous Ukrainian singer Artem Pivovarov in Wytwornia. Listen and sing his famous songs: «Маніфест», «Дежавю», «Рандеву», and fresh tracks: «Минають дні, минають ночі», «Ой на Горі», «Думи» and many others at Artem's concert in Lodz!

Fundraising concert by Artem Pivovarov in Poland!

Artem Pivovarov actively supports Ukrainian defenders by purchasing the necessary equipment to protect the country. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, he has been giving charity concerts to raise funds for Ukraine's needs. In addition to making a great contribution to the country's defense capabilities, Artem is also actively developing a project that was created before the Russian attack.

Artem Pivovarov's cultural project, entitled "Your Poems, My Notes," has become a hallmark of contemporary Ukrainian culture. It combined the literary depth of poems by prominent Ukrainian poets of different eras with Pivovarov's musical talent, turning words into magical melodies. This project was a testament to his enormous creative dedication and revealed his ability to recreate and emphasize the emotional depth of poetry through music.

Attending Artem Pivovarov's concert means recharging with the energy of this incredible man, feeling the true power of music and becoming a part of a real musical performance. Buy tickets to the event on our website or at the city ticket offices. Find more events in Lodz on our website.

See you soon!

Songs by the artist: 

  • "Дежавю"
  • "Рандеву"
  • "Міраж"
  • "Маніфест"
  • "Моя ніч"