79 PLN
Druga Rika
24 November

Druga Rika

79 PLN

Klub Żaczek
al. 3 Maja 5

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About the show

The band Druha Rika in Krakow.

On Friday, November 24, the Ukrainian rock band “Druha Rika” will perform at the Żaczek Club. The band with a long history, deep meaning, and cool music will perform their best hits for you in Krakow.

Ukrainian rock in Poland.

This band has been on stage for over 25 years. During this time, “Druha Rika” has played more than 2000 concerts and participated in festivals and tours in Europe, the United States, and Ukraine. The band's songs regularly take leading positions in the Ukrainian charts. The band's music combines energy, melody, and emotion, complemented by deep lyrics. In 2020, the group, accompanied by the National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, played a live acoustic version of the already well-known album “Піраміда”. The audience had the opportunity to be part of the magical performance and hear the legendary songs: “П’ю з твоїх долонь”, “Три хвилини”, “Так мало тут тебе”.

"Druha Rika” is also known for its charitable activities, supporting Ukraine and raising over UAH 6 million to purchase various military equipment.

Each concert of this band is special, as well as all their music, buy tickets for the performance of "Druha Rika" in Krakow on our website or at the ticket offices of your city.

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Songs by the band “Druha Rika”: 

  • “Ангел”

  • “Секрет”

  • “Три хвилини”

  • “Фурія”

  • “Незнайомка”

  • “Ти є я”