60-120 PLN
Circus on the water WATERLAND
26 - 29 October

Circus on the water WATERLAND

60-120 PLN

Namiot cyrkowy plac Błonia Krakowskie
plac Błonia Krakowskie (Cichy Kącik)

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The duration of the event — 120 minutes.

About the show

Circus on water performed by the best artists in Krakow!

On the Błonia Krakowskie square there will be a circus tent inside of which miracles will happen! And these miracles are connected with water, which will be there as much as 120 tonsn! Illuminated fountains will float lots of water upwards, and among them will be aqua and show ballets, acrobats, artists and lots of positive moments. 

A unique Waterland show for the whole family!

Head out with the whole family to meet funny clowns, charming russets and brave pirates. The unique inhabitants of the underwater kingdom, who can control the elements of water and fire, win the hearts of the audience with their breathtaking performances. Their impressive skills create unforgettable moments and leave an extraordinary impression. This magical event will amaze you and leave you with only the most pleasant memories.

The event will last - 120 minutes, choose the best date and time, buy tickets on our website and enjoy the magic of this show. Free admission for children up to 3 years old.

4 days and 7 magic shows:

  • Thursday (October 26) – 17:30

  • Friday (October 27) - 16:00; 18:30

  • Saturday (October 28) - 13:00; 16:00 

  • Sunday (October 29) - 13:00; 16:00

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