79 PLN
Druga Rika
20 November

Druga Rika

79 PLN

Klub Parlament
Świętego Ducha 2, 80-834 Gdańsk

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About the show

The band Druha Rika in Gdansk.

On November 20, 2023, songs that have become favorites for hundreds of people will be heard at the Parlament Club, the hall will be filled with Ukrainian music and vibrations, all during a live performance by the Ukrainian rock band Druha Rika.

The cult Druha Rika with a concert in Poland! 

The band's history dates back to 1995, when it all started with rehearsals at the Zhytomyr Pedagogical Institute, where the then young rock band with a different name - Second River - had its first performance. Only 4 years later, while preparing for the Chervona Ruta festival, the band got its current name - Druha Rika and its first ray of fame. The first album "I Am" was released in 200. And in 2003, the guys signed their first contract with a music studio and released their second album, "Два". This was followed by the CD "Рекорди", which went gold, and the song "Так мало тут тебе" not only stayed at the top of the Ukrainian charts for 32 weeks, but still remains one of the most recognizable songs of the group. Subsequently, they released an album: "Денніч", "The Best", "Metanoia.Part1", "Supernation", and "Піраміда". In 2020, the band presented an unusual concert, showing the audience how the album is recorded, creating an acoustic version of the album "Піраміда". They are known for their charity work, supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine and raising over UAH 6 million for military equipment.

More than 25 years of creativity! They tour all over the world! They are loved, their songs have been hummed for decades! This band is a true legend of Ukrainian rock, visit the concert in Gdansk and enjoy the music of Druha Rika in a live sound! Buy tickets for the concert of the Ukrainian rock band on our website or at the city ticket offices. Find more events in Gdansk on our website.


  • “Так мало тут тебе”

  • “П’ю з твоїх долонь”

  • “Три хвилини”

  • “Вже не сам”

  • “Секрет”

  • “Доки я не пішов”